Flexible payment Options

At Toyola Energy, we understand that the financial constraints of our customers may pose a challenge to acquiring our improved cookstoves. To ensure our products remain accessible to all, we offer a flexible pay-over-time option.

This model allows customers to gradually pay for their cookstove from the savings they make on fuel. The customer can take home the cookstove after making a small initial payment, and then continue to pay off the balance in manageable installments.

This flexible payment option carries several benefits:

  • Affordability: By allowing payments over time, we make our high-quality, energy-efficient cookstoves financially accessible to low-income households.
  • Savings-Driven Payments: As our cookstoves help customers save on fuel costs, these savings can be used to pay off the balance, reducing financial strain.
  • Increased Accessibility: This model ensures that economic barriers do not prevent families from benefiting from healthier, greener, and more efficient cooking solutions.

Our Customers Reviews

Many of our customers have found this option to be incredibly beneficial

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I was worried about how I could afford a new cookstove, but Toyola Energy's pay-over-time option made it possible. Now, I can use the money I save on firewood to pay for the stove. It's like the stove is paying for itself!
Sisi KateAccra Ghana
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The flexible payment option was a lifesaver. I could start using the cookstove immediately and pay in small amounts from the savings I made on fuel. Thank you, Toyola Energy, for making it so easy.