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At Toyola Energy, we proudly present our innovative biomass cookstoves, The Toyola Coalpot, a testament to our commitment to the environment, health, and community. Designed with a deep understanding of traditional cooking practices, our cookstoves are a perfect blend of indigenous wisdom and modern technology.

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Toyola  stove has two main components, a metal casing and ceramic combustion chamber. The casing comprised of two halves in iconic form that are joined at the middle. The bottom part has an air gate with a door that can be kept closed or open depending on the need for airflow. The top apart houses the ceramic liner, which serves a s a contribution combustion chamber. The liner is made from clay sand, sawdust and water. It is moulded in the form of a deep circular dish and is fired in a kiln to obtain ceramic. A thin layer of cement, sand and insulating materials affixes it to the casing. The ceramic capacity to retain heat and the regulation of air flow through its air gate are the main energy saving attributes of the Toyola cook stoves.

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Revolutionize your cooking experience with our Toyola Improved Cookstove, designed to seamlessly integrate with traditional cooking practices while promoting health, economy, and environmental sustainability. Made from locally sourced materials, our cookstove boasts a design that reduces fuel consumption by up to 50%, saving you money and time spent on gathering or purchasing fuel. The efficient combustion process significantly cuts down on harmful emissions, providing a healthier cooking environment for your family and contributing to global efforts to curb air pollution.


Investing in a Toyola Improved Cookstove also means contributing to carbon offset projects, as the reduction in carbon emissions generated by our cookstoves can be converted into carbon credits. These credits help counterbalance carbon emissions elsewhere, playing a crucial role in the global fight against climate change. More than just a cooking device, the Toyola Improved Cookstove represents a movement towards cleaner, safer, and more sustainable living. Join us in making a difference for your household, your community, and the world.


The benefits of our improved biomass cookstoves are far-reaching:

Environmental Impact: Our stoves consume less fuel and produce fewer emissions than traditional cookstoves, significantly reducing deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.

Health Benefits: By reducing harmful emissions, our cookstoves protect our customers’ health, preventing respiratory illnesses often associated with traditional cookstoves.

Financial Savings: Our energy-efficient cookstoves allow families to save on fuel costs, offering significant financial relief to low-income households.

Community Empowerment: Each purchase supports our local manufacturing and distribution network, creating jobs and stimulating economic growth in our communities.


But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our satisfied customers have to say:


‘’Since we started using Toyola Energy’s cookstove, we’ve noticed a significant reduction in smoke in our home. My children’s coughing has reduced, and we feel healthier.” – Jennifer Boateng, Amasaman – Accra.


“I can’t believe how much I save on fuel costs each month. This stove is a blessing for my family. Thank you, Toyola Energy.” – Mme Sekou, Kegue – Lome.


“As a small business owner, the Toyola Energy cookstove has not only cut my fuel expenses but also made my food stall less smoky. My customers love the change.” – Iya Wuraola, Alamala – Ifo, Ogon state, Nigeria.


At Toyola Energy, we believe that every home deserves a clean, efficient, and culturally appropriate cooking solution. Choose our improved biomass cookstoves and join us in creating a healthier, greener, and economically vibrant West Africa.


Our Impact

At Toyola Energy, our products are more than just cookstoves, they’re catalysts for change, delivering profound environmental, health, and financial benefits to our customers and communities. We are proud to be an indigenous African company making a significant difference at the intersection of sustainability and social empowerment.


Environmental Impact: Our improved biomass cookstoves are designed to use less fuel and produce fewer emissions. This significantly curtails deforestation, a pressing issue in our region, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing our cookstoves, customers actively contribute to environmental conservation and climate resilience. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our product, as our carbon offset projects, registered under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) and Gold Standard for Global Goals, further support global efforts against climate change.


Health Benefits: Traditional cooking methods often result in harmful indoor air pollution, putting families at risk of respiratory illnesses. Our cookstoves minimize this risk by reducing harmful emissions, contributing to healthier households. Our customers regularly report a noticeable improvement in their family’s health, highlighting the immediate, tangible impact of our cookstoves.



Financial Benefits: High fuel costs can put a strain on low-income households. Our energy-efficient cookstoves consume less fuel, leading to significant cost savings over time. This financial relief allows families to allocate resources to other crucial needs, enhancing their overall well-being.


Our work has transformed lives and communities in West Africa. One such story is that of Mma Amina, a mother of four from Samsam Oudmase, rural Ghana. Prior to using our cookstove, she used to spend a significant portion of her income on fuel and healthcare due to respiratory issues in her family. Since switching to our cookstove, she has managed to cut her fuel expenditure by half, and her family’s health has noticeably improved. Stories like Mma Amina’s motivate us to reach more households, sparking positive change one stove at a time.


Our efforts have been recognized internationally. We are honored to implement   one of the first cookstove carbon projects in the world under the  Gold Standard for Global Goals. This acknowledgment speaks volumes about our dedication to making a positive impact.


At Toyola Energy, every stove we produce, every project we undertake, is a step towards a greener, healthier, and financially secure future for our community. We invite you to join us in this journey towards sustainable development.