News & Awards

At Toyola Energy, our commitment to enhancing the lives of our customers while championing environmental sustainability has not only earned us a steadfast reputation but also numerous acknowledgments from respected platforms across the globe. We are proud to share some of our recent achievements and media features, each of which fuels our drive to keep making a significant impact.

International Media Recognition: Our innovative approach and positive impact have attracted international attention. We’ve been featured in leading publications like Newsweek, Time Magazine, and National Geographic. These features have spotlighted our work, raising awareness about the potential of sustainable cookstoves and their impact on health, economy, and the environment.


BBC World Service : Our CEO had the opportunity to share our story on BBC’s World Service. This segment illuminated the transformative work we’re doing in West African communities through our sustainable cookstoves.


African Energy Awards: Our CEO was voted Africa’s Leading Energy Personality at the distinguished African Energy Awards in South Africa. This recognition validates his visionary leadership and our team’s commitment to driving sustainable development in Africa.


Ashden Gold Award: Our sustainability efforts were recognized with the prestigious Ashden Gold Award. As part of this honor, our CEO met His Royal Highness, King Charles III, marking a significant moment for Toyola Energy on the global stage.


Special Achievement Awards in Peru: Our influence extends beyond Africa, demonstrated by the Special Achievement Award presented to our CEO, Suraj Wahab in Peru, South America during the International conference of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA). This accolade reflects the potential of our model to influence and encourage substantial impacts on a global scale.


These milestones and recognitions symbolize the transformative work we’re accomplishing at Toyola Energy. They motivate us to continue to innovate and expand our reach, delivering sustainable cooking solutions to more households worldwide. We’re thankful for our customers, partners, and supporters who believe in our mission and contribute to our journey. Together, we look forward to a future where every household can cook healthily, affordably, and sustainably. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Toyola Energy as we continue to cook up change!