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Toyola Energy Limited was founded in 2006 by Suraj Wahab Ologburo, a former accountant and Ernest Kwasi Kyei, an engineer, both of whom had been trained in stove production under the Ghana Household Energy programme (GHEP).


About Us

Toyola Energy Group – Company Profile

Welcome to Toyola Energy , an innovative African social enterprise transforming lives and landscapes in West Africa through our environmentally-friendly and community-centered biomass cookstoves. Rooted in our indigenous knowledge and leveraging locally sourced materials, we engineer stoves designed to align with native cooking practices, promote healthier living, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our mission is to empower low-income households by providing affordable, efficient cookstoves that cut fuel costs, improve health outcomes due to lower emissions, and contribute to a greener, sustainable future. We believe in keeping our community at the heart of our operations, employing local women along our value chain and offering our customers flexible payment options to suit their financial circumstances.

Why Choose Us

We Are Ready For Solar Energy Projects, All We Need Is To Use It Well

Through our carbon offset projects, registered under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Gold Standard for Global Goals, we proudly contribute to the global mission of climate resilience. Our remarkable impacts have been recognized by several international awards, a testament to the power of local ingenuity in addressing global challenges.

Suraj Wahab
Toyola Group Founder & CEO

Suraj Wahab

The Toyola Group and its Founder and CEO, Suraj Ologburohas won international recognition for their trailblazingwork  in the Energy, sustainability and Climate change mitigation. This has resulted in several awards some of which are listed below.

Best Renewable Company

A Leading Supplier Of Solar Materials For Manufacturers

Join us as we continue to kindle change, one stove at a time. Explore our site to learn more about our products, our mission, and how you can contribute to this transformative journey. Whether you’re a customer seeking an efficient cooking solution, an investor interested in fueling sustainable growth, or a company looking to offset your carbon footprint, there’s a place for you with us.

Welcome to Toyola Energy. Welcome to a cleaner, brighter future.

Our Group produces over 150,000 cookstoves per annum from its factories in Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Ghana and Senegal. These energy efficient stoves eliminate over a million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per annum.

We Complete Every Step Carefully

Why we need clean cooking?

Clean cooking saves lives

Clean cooking is essential to addressing energy poverty and ensuring sustainable energy security for billions of people.

Clean cooking is better for mothers and infants

Clean cooking can lower blood pressure in pregnant women and increase babies’ birth weight.

Efficient stoves are better for the environment

Today’s highly efficient stoves can reduce fuel use by 30-60%, lowering climate-harming emissions.

Cooking with clean fuel is better for children

Clean cooking can reduce the severity and duration of respiratory diseases in children.

Award Winnings

Suraj Ologburohas won international recognition

Suraj Ologburo being congratulated by HRH, The Prince of Wales after Toyola Energy won the Ashden International Gold Award for Sustainability.
Suraj Ologburo with President Clinton in New York City, Clinton Global Initiative


A global player in energy solutions.